Why Claim by Mount Kenya Mps that the region contributes 60% GDP is a Fat LIE-Kenyalivenews.com
Mount Kenya MPS meeting in Naivasha

Mount Kenya MPs are claiming that their region contributes 60% of Kenya’s GDP, but have been receiving a disproportionately low amount of development projects there. Let us interrogate this.

First, the 5 biggest cities and towns ~ and hence economies ~ in Kenya are Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nakuru, none of which is in the Mt. Kenya region. And that is even before we throw in Kisii, Kakamega, Kericho, Bungoma and Malindi. I’ll not even mention Narok and their Mara, Kitale and their Maize, Garissa and their livestock, Machakos, Kajiado, name it! Damn it!

Secondly, 3 of the 4 ~ a whole 3 quarters or 75% ~ of the Presidents we have had since independence hail from Mt. Kenya, with their hallmark being the marginalization of the other regions, particularly Nyanza, Western, Coast and North Eastern where the Cotton, Pyrtherum, Sugar, Fishing and such other other industries were deliberately and systematically killed. That is to say, it has been ‘their turn to eat’ 3 times.

I could go on deconstructing the crap that those deceitful liars went spewing, but the audience that was the target of their deceit won’t be listening. We are approaching 2022, and the herd must be brought back together, and moulded into this solid and unthinking vote block bereft of intellect, but rich with emotion. Those lies are calculated to instil in them not just a sense of entitlement, but also one of victimhood, laced with fear, for good measure.