William Ruto, the self proclaimed hustler and son of a peasant from Sugoi is in a panic mode. His outburst yesterday at the coast region show a fearful man. He said ‘they chased me out of ODM and now want to eject me from Jubilee, that won’t happen’. Of course the man was referring to Jakom.

The Jubilee online warriors have been telling us how their party would finish off Jakom politically and retire him to Bondo. I told them to wait before shouting because Jakom is known to be like the legendary phoenix bird who burnt itself when old and then got reborn young and strong again. Why is the hustler shaking like a grass in a wind day?

There can only be a one reason – 2022 general election. The hustler was having it easy because he thought that it would be a walk over because it was said Jakom would not vie. But now he has heard from James Orengo that Jakom would be vying. That is why he is panicking because he knows Hon Raila is a political powerful force. The hustler has already started to sense defeat even before the actual campaign time starts.

As I had said before, the only reason why Jakom was not able to ascend to the presidency was because he was competing with the monied shadowy and faceless Kikuyu barons the Muthaiga elders who pull strings behind the scenes.

As the situation stand now, no Kikuyu will vie in the 2022 and these power brokers seems to have reconciled with Jakom. So, Jakom will be able to transverse any region in Kenya including Mt Kenya without any worry.

As a ODM official, we are putting measures in place to know how to counter the hustler who is going across the region pretending to be launching development projects.

At the end of the day, we will be able to bring a huge chunk of votes in Jakom basket. Now, the question I am asking myself is, if the hustler is panicking and Jakom has not even spoken anything, how about the time we start to officially counter him face to face?

The hustler will definitely run to the neighbouring Uganda or Somalia country to escape from the humiliating defeat.