Why DP Ruto's Toxic allies like Sudi should give Kenyans a Break-Kenyalivenews.com

So, talk is on in Kenya, not that this is entirely new, that the fight against graft has been politicized, nay, weaponized to target and stifle the prospects of one individual as a pseudo-representative of his entire community from climbing to the Kenyan presidency in 2022. It is as though life revolves around one man becoming the president of the country Kenya. That one individual is one Deputy President Dr. William Ruto whose sycophantic handlers believe succeeding the current President is a birthright.

They could tell that to the birds. I could call it the height of frivolity and deceit caused by an atavistic fear of the truth that their edifice of corruption, long cherished, is fast crumbling, and their goose is cooked. Those who continue to consume the lies and half-truths, however, do not know that they are anything more than political fodder for the fat sacred cows of corruption.

Interestingly, even sadly, some people just love to wallow in the shallowness of political cheap talk, and that, one electoral cycle after another. No one, it seems, gets wiser even as evidence of loss of colossal amounts of money comes out from responsible government agencies.

Instead, as the country is treated to inexplicable stories of loss of such monies into seemingly complex mazes no doubt woven by cunning yet myopic masters of fraud with their unpatriotic accomplices in the government offices, the focus is lost. Yet that is utter abuse of privilege, disregard for country and humanity, and if nothing else, plain evil. Woe unto these social, economic and political saboteurs of our nation eating our taxes while diverting attention.

They are pillaging the economy but will not rest until they have destroyed the country, and their soiled hands are still stretched out in the accursed default position waiting for more of the tax payers’ sweat. What is more, without any hint of shame, they want to be rewarded with the presidency in 2022. That is most barefaced cynicism.

They are a cursed lot with a strange chutzpa to defend themselves and their corrupt associates against all standards of morality. These people always come out with political bazookas trained at the Kenyan investigative agencies though these are entirely professional bodies with a mandate to seek the truth and to reveal that truth for the good of the country.

Therefore, from mere allegations, the guilty will come out frothing with anger and crying foul first thing, unapologetic and without taking as much as a minute to appreciate the vindicating power of the truth. Never do they take time to even reflect on what corruption has cost their country in economic, social and political terms nor show any intent to help establish the pertinent facts of and the circumstances surrounding the allegations. Instead, theirs is always a ready script—deny, deny—in which no one is ever guilty, not in Kenya, unless it is a chicken thief or a petty criminal, of course.

Things are changing though. Now the seemingly guilty are feeling the heat of a resurgent war and fighting back viciously. Much to their chagrin, President Kenyatta, evidently tired of bearing the brunt public ire and disappointment because of a greedy, ever-plundering group sustained by a conveniently cobbled political alliance threatening to eat the entire country, has decided to lend his full support to fight the war on graft.

Suffice it to say the so-called Jubilee unity has never been anything apart from a vehicle for plundering the country’s resources. Thankfully, the country’s Chief Executive Officer has awoken to the reality and now his erstwhile political bedfellows who have long reveled in the reckless theft of public funds feel betrayed.

I have watched with tremendous gladness the newfound zeal with which President Kenyatta has sought to spearhead the fight against corruption, perhaps having seen the imminent intractable mess the vice is sure to plunge this country into, unless the run-away greed is tamed. This is a president who has bared his knuckles, rolled up his sleeves, buckled up and decided to be in the front-line even as the tide rises and threateningly so.

Above the hubbub of blackmail for family heritage, supposed tribal witch-hunt, he seems to have avowed to stand firm and steady, eyeballing the foe, calling it out for what it is. He has wrested it of its guise, and now with nowhere to hide nowhere to run, the masterminds have choreographed the all-too-familiar song, and they are calling on the gullible, hapless folks from their backyards to join in the refrain, “our man is being targeted for political reasons, 2022 succession.”

It is called tribe above country yet how I wish it was indeed the tribe that was being protected. That would make sense, wouldn’t it? This, on the contrary, is purely primitive individual interest at play, for those who can see it, with a veneer of tribal loyalty that though seemingly ludicrous, is more than sufficient to buy the goodwill of one’s tribe mates. Surely, as they say, none so blind as they who won’t see.

In the words of Kenneth Burke, it is a dramatics act where the agency, the act, and the scene are all employed to prove innocence by association in the most rhetorically powerful way possible—political yarn-spinning and sheer dishonesty. The scene is always the political rally, where the politician agent spins the populist narrative whose objective is to make the hearer duller than before. Then, they forget that the fight against corruption is a noble act for the country and its citizens.

This is a fight that has been long overdue, and the war chest is now ready, the machinery roaring with the commander-in-chief, and the angry patriots of our beloved motherland in dutiful tow to fight till the battle is no more and victory won to the jubilation of our citizens.