Why Governor Waititu has a Point regarding Demolition of Buildings on Riparian Zones-Kenyalivenews.com
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

Come to think of it that Governor waititu got a point on matters demolition.

The first question is why the building are being demolished? Is it because the law define the land they are built on as RIPARIAN LAND?

When we talk of supremacy of laws, laws are not supreme.  Laws are made and bent on the basis of HARM and PUBLIC INTEREST in line with social, political and economic matters in a society. The principles of rule of law discourage rigidity of laws.

What is that harm that the buildings are causing? What is the public interest in relation to the same?

Lemme ask the questions many are not asking, in fear of crucifixion :

• What is the significance of river kibagare (with buildings built above it and without) compared to the significance of the ukay mall ? What is its economic or environmental contribution to the people of Nairobi?

• How many drink from it or use its waters for domestic, recreational or industrial use? How many drink, eat and afford life from Ukay mall?

•If we assume the buildings are currently causing HARM, What’s the end game after removing all buildings that are near rivers in Nairobi? Will we start canoeing as a mode of transport? Use for recreation? or industrial?

Is it not matter PUBLIC INTEREST when thousands lose their jobs with our country agenda being creation of employment?
Is it not public interest when a country lose investors and potential investors due to uncertainty in land laws with our country agenda being universal housing?

Before I get crucified together with Waititu by environmentalists;
We borrow largely on our laws from England, what is their definition on RIPARIAN LAND? How did London occur on river Thames?

By Kiyoh Nganga