Why Luo Men Marry Kikuyu Women-Kenyalivenews.com
Journalist Willis Raburu with his Wife Mary Ngami

I have been asked repeatedly why Luo men, including myself prefer Kikuyu women. The term Kikuyu here not only refers to akina Njeri, Ciku or Wangeci, it’s the accepted term for Merus and Embus also included in the category. I am personally vested in Embu.

Most of those who asked me, are our beautiful but disgruntled Kamba women. They feel shortchanged, or cheated if you like. One recently shed a tear when she told me how she’s dated three Luo menĀ who are now married. To Kikuyus! What went wrong? You never go wrong with a Kamba girl, but what went wrong?? Kambas are born with other talents whose adjectives cannot be mentioned here. People will have to parse for a while after I’m done.

My answer is plain simple. Forget mashakura, and sometimes the shrabbing. First of all a Kikuyu woman won’t even treat you like a man like those Taitas and Giryamas. Si you know you are a man? Why do you need to be told you are a man?? But, a Kikuyu Woman will take you places you have never dreamed of. They are born with laser technology that senses and identifies talent and potential. They till you and cultivate you as soon as they pinpoint you.

I was living in a Bedsitter, with just a bed, glass table, small fridge and Meko. In a matter of weeks, I was moved to a one-bedroom, and soon two, and three, and had to get another car because she can’t go to family functions driven in a Duet. Never mind she didn’t even have a car of her own.

Anyway long story short, a Kikuyu Woman panel-beats you to your senses and helps you acquire enough wealth for her and her children, who also happen to be your children.

By Kevin Otiende