William Ruto is Desperately buying LOYALTY because he lacks Numbers to win 2022-Kenyalivenews.com

WILLIAM RUTO- this is the man to watch in 2022. The guy is allover BUYING loyalty. He’s moving around paying every politician willing to walk around endorsing his presidential bid. But here’s the problem…he lacks the numbers to win a presidential poll. That’s why he’s desperately buying loyalty.

One thing that he has realized is that whatever deal he had with Mt Kenya on 2022 has been rubbished. Mt Kenya is slowly crumbling. Just look at his lieutenants and how they’re falling. Sonko is quickly going into the Nairobi River sewer line, Waititu is sinking into Ndakaini Dam, the likes of Ichungwa, Mithika and Kareke and brokers

William Ruto is getting isolated day by day. His cronies and being branded as incompetent or corrupt… most have been anyway

What weapon does he have against Mt Kenya? NOTHING. Someone please tell his so called advisors and loyalists that running around saliently blackmailing Mt Kenya will not work. Kenya will not go back to 2007. There’s this ‘threat’ message that Ruto’s supporters aren’t loudly talking about but those who know about it understand what am saying.

By Antony Oyugi