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Raila Odinga Championing for Electoral Justice in Kenya


Some Kenyans are like the animal called warthog (Ngiri). A warthog is a unique animal that forgets very fast.His Excellency Raila oftenly refers to this animal in his speeches.

Some people are busy talking about 2022 while the dust of a rigged election has not settled. The graves of those brutally murdered in the recent elections are still fresh. The remains of teargas canisters and bullet cartridges are still littered every where.

There has been no rain to wash away blood stains. And the most tragic thing is that the despots are having a firm grip on IEBC. They are busy setting the systems at Anniversary Towers(y=mx+c)- where X will represent the candidate posing the biggest threat from the opposition side.

This is the sad news:-The outcome of the 2022 election is already predetermined. Mention to me only one politician besides Raila who can have the courage to lead a demonstration to Anniversary Towers. None.

Whether you will be supporting Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Aukot,Dida et al you are wasting your time. Most of you think election fraud is Raila’s problem and not yours. You will queue   in your numbers to vote, but the computer will generate a President for you. Take this to your banks.

By Robert Kiberenge on Electoral Justice in Kenya